Fulton PM Changes
Fulton PM Changes Fulton PM Changes

Fulton Presbyterian Manor announces ownership change, will continue 50-year tradition of serving seniors

FULTON, Mo. – PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America) and Legendary Land Holdings LLC are pleased to announce the sale of Fulton Presbyterian Manor to Legendary, a Malden, Missouri-based company. The property will be managed by Legendary and will operate as Kingdom Care Senior Living LLC. The sale will be final September 15, 2020.

“The decision to sell was not an easy one. The PMMA board of trustees and senior leadership have been in discussions for several months about the future of Fulton Presbyterian Manor,” said Bruce Shogren, President and CEO of PMMA. “Ultimately, we feel this was the best decision for our residents and their families. We truly believe Legendary will provide a seamless ownership transition, as well as continued security and stability for the seniors who call Fulton Presbyterian Manor home.”

PMMA and Fulton Presbyterian Manor have begun notifying residents, family members and employees of the decision and will assist in the introduction of the new ownership team.

Legendary Land Holdings LLC was founded by Barry and Michelle Aycock and is family owned and operated. Legendary’s acquisition of the Fulton senior living community enhances its presence in the field of senior living, which includes communities in Marshall and Sikeston. Together, Legendary’s management team brings more than 25 years of long-term care experience to the Fulton campus.

“Our philosophy will be to continue to provide quality senior services to the residents they have come to expect,” said Bobbie Young, Director of Operations for Legendary. “We are excited to be able to take on a community with the rich history and reputation for quality senior services that the Fulton Presbyterian Manor has in the greater Futon community area. We plan to build upon that proud history.”

Residents & Families

  • Will I have to fill out a new resident agreement?

    A: As the first step in the transition, all resident agreements with PMMA will be assigned to Legendary Land Holdings, doing business as Kingdom Care Senior Living LLC, on September 15, 2020, at which time residents will enter into a new residency agreement with the new owners.

  • Will I still have the same staff/care?

    A:  We are working hand-in-hand with Legendary Land Holdings to make sure the change of ownership is as seamless as possible, which includes providing the care and services from many of the familiar faces you currently see every day. It is Legendary’s goal to keep as many current employees as possible to provide continuity of care.

  • Will the new contract cost more?

    A: PMMA knows this is a real concern, and Legendary has plans to continue with the current rates in place as of September 15, 2020.

  • Will the services be the same?

    A: Fulton Presbyterian Manor is being left in very capable and good hands with an experienced Missouri-based organization. Legendary’s management team has 25 years of experience in the senior living industry. Be sure to direct this question to Bobbie Young, regional operations manager for Legendary, at nhadmin@aycorp.com or 573-683-1355.

  • How will this change in ownership impact me as a resident?

    A: No doubt, there will be some changes. We understand you will want to obtain as much information as possible to make this transition less stressful for you and your family.

    The first change you will notice is that Fulton Presbyterian Manor’s name will become Kingdom Care Senior Living LLC.

    PMMA and Legendary are working together to provide a transition that is as free of stress as possible for all the residents.

    You and your family may call representatives of PMMA and Legendary to discuss your questions.

    Legendary contact: Bobbie Young at (573) 683-1355 | nhadmin@aycorp.com

    PMMA contact: Sherry Hind at (316) 685-1100 ext. 1227| shind@pmma.org


  • Why did PMMA decide to sell Fulton Presbyterian Manor to Legendary Land Holdings, LLC?

    A: The decision to sell Fulton Presbyterian Manor to Legendary Land Holdings (Legendary), a Malden, Missouri-based company, was not an easy decision. This community has been part of the PMMA System for nearly 50 years.

    We take seriously the responsibility of serving seniors. The PMMA Board of Trustees and PMMA’s senior leadership have been discussing the future of Fulton Presbyterian Manor with a concern for continuing services for the seniors who call the campus home. When the opportunity arose to sell Fulton Presbyterian Manor to a Missouri-based company, which was also dedicated to providing quality, person-centered senior living, it allowed for the continuation of senior care and services in the Fulton community.

    If you have additional questions, you may start with Dawn Smith, your executive director. She may refer you to Sherry Hind, 316-685-1100, ext. 1227.

  • Who should we contact if we have questions?

    Residents and families can speak with Sherry Hind at shind@pmma.org or 800-336-8511. A full contact list can be obtained from the business office at Fulton Presbyterian Manor. The Legendary contact is Bobbie Young, regional operations manager for Legendary, at nhadmin@aycorp.com or 573-683-1355.

  • Will the community/my room experience any physical changes?

    A: No doubt, there will be changes to the overall look of the community because companies have different “styles.” However, only Legendary can provide the answer regarding your individual room.

    Be sure to direct this question to Bobbie Young, regional operations manager for Legendary, at nhadmin@aycorp.com or 573-683-1355.

  • Will the new owner be Medicare/Medicaid certified?

    A: Yes.

Employee FAQs


  • Will I receive a stay bonus?
    A: PMMA will be offering employees who work all their scheduled shifts through September 14, 2020. The bonus will be paid as soon as administratively possible after September 14, 2020. For specific questions about the stay bonuses, contact Carole Colich at ccolich@pmma.org.
  • Will I be paid my accrued PTO?
    A: Employees who work their scheduled shifts through September 14, 2020 will receive the balance of their PTO hours paid out as soon as administratively possible after September 14, 2020.
  • When will I receive my final paycheck?
    A: Final paychecks will be issued on our regular pay schedule on September 25, 2020. You will be paid for any hours worked from September 9, 2020, through to September 14, 2020. Your final paycheck will be direct deposited to the account you have set up currently.
  • When will I receive my W2?
    A: W2's will be issued no later than January 31, 2021, as they would normally be issued. PMMA will mail the W2 to the address we have on file. If you relocate and need to make changes to the address we have on file, you may email these changes to mwiseman@pmma.org or call 316-685-1100 x 1276.
  • Who do I talk to if my I have a question on my final paycheck or my PTO check?
    A: If you have questions or concerns on your final paycheck feel free to reach out to Sherry Wagner for assistance at 316-685-1100 x 1235.


  • When will benefits end?
    A: Your Health and Life benefits will end on September 30, 2020.
  • Can I continue my health insurance?
    A: Included in the packet is your COBRA Continuation paperwork that outlines how you can continue the same coverage you had through PMMA, by paying the full cost of the coverage. You have 60 days from September 14, 2020, to make an election to continue coverage.
  • How do I find out my options for my 403(b) account balance?
    A: Please call Nestegg at 866-412-9026 to obtain your balance and discuss your options.
  • What happens with my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
    A: If you have a balance in your FSA to use, please contact Benefits at benefits@pmma.org. You have 30 days from September 30, 2020, to submit any claims that you incurred PRIOR to the benefits term date. You can contact Surency at 866-818-8805.
  • What happens with my HSA?
    A: The HSA account is your account, you cannot contribute to a HSA unless you are in a qualified high deductible health plan. You are able to leave the money in your HSA or use it for eligible healthcare expenses even with another health plan. You can contact Surency at 866-818-8805.
  • Can I convert my Life Insurance policy?
    A: Please call Prudential at 800-778-3827 for information on how to continue life policies.
  • PMMA Contacts:
    Payroll Questions: Sherry Wagner swagner@pmma.org or 316-652-6235
    Benefit Questions: Heather Poorman hpoorman@pmma.org or 316-652-6282
    Human Resource Questions: Angela McMullen amcmullen@pmma.org or 316-652-6232
  • Transition of employment to Kingdom Care Senior Living:
    A: Kingdom Care Senior Living will be hiring staff at their same rate of pay and seniority for PTO purposes. In addition to seniority, staff will also carry forward any PTO balance on September 14, 2020. Tentatively, new ownership will be in the facility to meet with staff on September 3, 2020. Staff will be notified of available times in the upcoming days.


Sherry Hind, Vice President for Administration
Phone: (316) 685-1100
2414 N Woodlawn Blvd, Wichita KS 67220